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What’s in a noise?

In an ideal world, any cinematic or TV production should be planned well enough by the producers for the right money to be invested in the right areas at the right time. In reality, this is quite often not the case.

Appraising Stuttgart’s little gems

Ask yourself this; “when is a Porsche not a Porsche?” It might seem like a curious question, but the German marque has produced several models over the years that have raised this debate – perhaps none more so than the… Continue Reading →

Discovering an icon

In 1975, as a 12- year old boy who was crazy about cars, two separate events occurred that stamped the name of Lamborghini indelibly on my consciousness. One was hearing for the first time one of their glorious V-12 engines… Continue Reading →

“A Symphony of moving parts”.

“The exhaust note rising to a crescendo”. “Taking on a deeper, more purposeful note in the upper rev ranges”. This is the staple vocabulary of the motoring journalist driving the latest supercar in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s and beyond,… Continue Reading →

Lamborghini – crossing the Rubicon

Ferruccio Lamborghini, and what he started, have sometimes come in for criticism over the years, either through simple jealousy (how dare he threaten the establishment), or because his cars were seen as too self-indulgent. The cars his purpose- built factory… Continue Reading →

From Flat 5 to Flat 12

The music and motors of Miles Davis To put it simply, Miles Davis is one of the greatest musicians that has ever lived. This is by no means a rash and unsupported statement; it’s an indisputable truth. He lived his… Continue Reading →

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