Ferrari 275GTS restoration

This Ferrari 275GTS restoration was basically a nice, structurally sound, usable car when the customer brought it in to us. Our brief was simple – make it perfect and as close to ‘new original’ as possible.

This included full engine/mechanical preparation complete with correct plating of components. Also we bare-metalled the bodywork, researched the exact original colour and repainted it to concours standard.

We specially commissioned original Connolly ‘Vaumol Luxan’ leather to original specification – the first genuine Connolly leather available for 17 years, which includes the hand-washed ‘grain’ that was only present on these hides from new.

We have been fastidious with the details on the project: for example using the exact original fuel pipes and crimpings; retaining the factory finish vinyl (not leather) to dash top and painstakingly re-achieving the (non gloss) satin wood dash finish. Many people fall in to the trap of over-restoring areas such as these, possibly due to simply not enough knowledge.

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