Iain has appeared in the media on many occasions, both through his work as a classic car specialist and also for his work as a performing artist. This page provides a selection of media articles and posts relating to Iain’s work.

3586 – Unearthing The Italian Job Miura

The Italian Job Miura

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Any self respecting car enthusiast will be fully aware of the mystique and significance attached to the Lamborghini Miura, as the car featured in the opening scene of the classic British film The Italian Job. At the end of this now iconic sequence, the car meets with a terrible fate – crashing into a bulldozer inside a tunnel on the Saint Bernard pass.

The Miura is ‘the coolest car in the world’ – Top Gear

Whether two cars were used and one survived, has been a topic of debate for almost half a century since – at least until Iain solved the mystery when he unearthed ‘the actual car’ in 2015. As one would imagine this was nothing less than enormous news in the car world, with the story making the pages of the global media. Just a few examples are published below.

Franschhoek Motor Museum – South Africa visit 2018

Iain was invited to spend some time, both front of house and behind the scenes, at the home of this very impressive collection of classic cars.

Iain with the Ferrari 250GT SWB during his visit to South Africa in 2018.During his time there, the museum specially removed from exhibition a stunning original Ferrari 250GT SWB, for Iain to tune whilst on site.

Never one to miss the opportunity of working on such a coveted classic, Iain duly took great pleasure in applying his expert tuning skills to the Ferrari’s ‘Colombo’ V12 engine – named so after its designer Gioacchino Colombo. The result was typical of Iain’s tuning work – Bellisimo!

Read more about Iain’s visit to the Franschhoek Motor Museum.

Iain tunes a Miura V12 live at The London Classic Car Show 2019.

Iain was invited by the organisers of The London Classic Car Show 2019, to do the almost impossible, particularly live in front of an audience… tuning by ear the highly complex Lamborghini V12 engine’s priceless carburettors, using only a piece of tubing and a screwdriver

Iain was introduced by TV presenter and ex racing driver Tiff Needell, who made the proclamation that Iain owned the cheapest toolkit in the world! Not necessarily true, but it’s all about the skill and not the tools!  

Many of those watching (including Tiff himself) initially seemed to think this was some kind of sophisticated PR stunt; however after witnessing Iain at close quarters, it quickly became evident that this was in reality a maestro at work.

Iain Tyrrell tunes a V12 Miura live at #LCCS2019.
Iain tuning the Miura V12 live at #LCCS2019 in London. 
Image: The London Classic Car Show